Specialized Services

The needs of individual companies operating in the industrial sector are specialized and require the knowledge and commitment of experts. Most companies considering a new location will primarily consider only the amount of usable space and the corresponding price. We understand the client’s overall goal is deriving the most value out of the property. Our experience ranges from relocating large manufacturing and distribution facilities, to setting up new ventures in single occupancy or multi-tenant buildings. We are also experienced in the purchase and leasing of built-to-suit projects.

We serve purchasers and tenants by creating or performing the following:


A Client Profile
To identify and evaluate client's short-term and long-term space needs based on their particular industry and market.

A Site Search
To provide fast access to quality information such as statistics, values and comparables in a very specific market;
To search for available space corresponding to tenant or purchaser's needs.

An Analysis
To evaluate many non-rental issues including operating expenses, liability, maintenance, security and options for expansion or reduction;
To analyze and evaluate the financial aspects of leasing or buying, new construction versus existing building, leading to a comprehensive evaluation of all alternatives

All aspects of negotiation to obtain the best possible terms for our clients, including all documentation.